Hype Style

Hype Style with Daja Marie will come to life for a 30 minute segment on TheHypeTv.com.

The Hype Magazine’s fashion column, Hype Style, orchestrated by Daja Marie, Fashion Editor, will be coming to life this Summer. During a 30 minute talk show segment, Daja Marie will bring you the latest in the Fashion and Beauty industry with lookbooks, beauty tutorials, product reviews, red carpet appearances and A-list celebrity interviews. This season will include some of the biggest names in the industry as well as the up and coming. The show will be based out of Atlanta, GA and will travel to different states as we capture Daja Marie on her journey to discover what’s hot in the industry.

This show will give you a look at the life of the Editor working in the fashion industry as she prepares for huge fashion shows like Mercedes Benz’s Fashion Weeks, Miami Swim Week, the most sought-after Festivals, and a plethora of up and coming shows alike.

Tune in to watch Daja Marie set the trends for the Fashion industry.

Press Contacts:

Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson
The Hype Magazine
301-579-4973 ext. 1